Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My New Nail Paint Rack

Posted by Unknown at Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello girls! I would love to show my new nail polish organizer. It is a small cute shelf. I went to market and at Xenox, I found this shelf and that too on 50% discount. 

I love to keep my things organize. It helps to prevent us from wasting time. And as my nail polish collection is growing, so I had to find something that will help me store my lovely nail paints properly. I was using shoe box to store my nails till now. It was not handy enough for me. I really had hard time finding what I was looking for and I found this:milkysmile 

This shelf is really useful. All my  nails fits into it.milkysmile I had organized all my nail paints according to brands. You can keep at least 12 nail paint sin one block,so you can keep around 70 nail paints in this box. This shelf works for me.

I was planning to build one myself. But before I start to build one, I found this one. I am not building a nail rack till this one overflows, which will not take long.milkysmile 

Isn't it cool? Easy and manageable.

So, if you have any better ways, please let me know! 

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Neha Ahire said...

Great Designs Swapna.

Swapna Patil said...

Thank you Neha! :) I will start working with nails again in short while.

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