Sunday, January 26, 2014

Republic Day Nails

Posted by Unknown at Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day
I am not in India at this moment but I miss India so much. So, I thought to pay to India in my own way. :)


These nails features mainly all three colors of our tricolor flag. Oh! I miss those days, getting up early in morning, going to school and paying tribute to our beloved Indian flag. A dance parade by singing patriotic songs. <3

On thumb I made a waving tricolor flag. On middle finger, we all Indian in all different colors, but still together and united. Then I painted India gate, our national monument. 

I hope you all like it and have a good day. Happy Republic Day once again.


Jai Hind! Long Live india! :)Flag of India  

Used nail paints: 

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AnURAG said...

wow!! Impressive! Way to go Miss Swapna!!

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